16 November 2007

Installing qemu-arm-eabi patch into Scratchbox

Using Scratchbox and in particular the Maemo SDK with ARMEL target, very often when we try to execute some application we can get into this kind of errors (for example):

sem_post: Function not implemented

This happens because not all the functions have been implemented in the emulated environment. Lauro VenĂ¢ncio has created a patched version of qemu-arm called qemu-arm-eabi.

Thanks to Marcelo Lira, we have a simple howto to install the patch into the Scratchbox environment. Note: you have to execute these commands from outside the Scratchbox environment and you should not be logged into the environment at the same time.

1. You need gcc 3.4, SDL dev library and Zlib dev:

sudo apt-get install gcc-3.4 libsdl1.2-dev zlib1g-dev

2. Get the patched qemu-arm. Notice that the patches are already applied, everything is here, and you don't need to get the qemu sources.

svn co https://qemu-arm-eabi.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qemu-arm-eabi qemu-arm-eabi

cd qemu-arm-eabi

./configure --target-list=arm-linux-user --static


3. Copy qemu to the cputransp dir on scratchbox

sudo cp arm-linux-user/qemu-arm /scratchbox/devkits/cputransp/bin/qemu-arm-eabi-sb2

4. Add it to the list of cputransp methods. Open the file

sudo vim /scratchbox/devkits/cputransp/etc/cputransp-methods

and add this line:


5. Configure the target to use the patched qemu as transparency method. Edit the file:

vim /scratchbox/users/USERNAME/targets/CHINOOK_ARMEL.config

and change this line:


That's all! You're now ready to log again into your Scratchbox environment